About Us

Hello and welcome to my store! My name is Hill and I’m a student of astrology, connoisseur of beauty, and lover of all things evoking joy. I love astrology because it reminds you how special you really are and invites you on a journey of self-love and awareness as it relates to you and the world you inhabit. We’re all individuals with various placements, aspects, and degrees and my pieces are curated and created to represent that. The goal is to make sure everyone that takes time and money out of their day to purchase one of our pieces, feels that beauty once they finally receive it - isn’t that the beauty of astrology anyway?


When I'm not looking at charts, I spend my time studying for my MCAT, listening to KPOP, and reading any new books that have caught my eye.

As I continue this journey, my mission is to break the misconceptions and spread this beauty and knowledge to as many as I can. Thank you for supporting my small business and making this possible!



xo, Astrology Heaux